Fuite Poultry

Our own processing

Experts in quality

Gebrs. Fuite has been a feed company for more than 110 years, and over this time it has gained extensive experience in the entire poultry chain. In 2022, H. de Vries Pluimveeverwerkende Industrie also become part of the Fuite Group. By using all the combined expertise and experience across the Fuite Group, our experts know exactly how to assess and categorise the quality of chickens.

The finest quality on your plate

With our knowledge and expertise in the field of chicken processing, we can guarantee high quality. All products are expertly cut and packaged, so that we can offer you the very best chicken on your plate.

  • Production of chicken breast to order
  • Calibrated
  • Uncalibrated
  • Packed bulk in crate
  • Bulk in box
  • 2 x 5 Atmos
  • 4 x 2.5 kg Atmos
  • Vacuum-packed
  • All other chicken products

As part of the Fuite Group, we have nearly all the expertise needed in-house, and our goal is to have the entire chain under our own management. In this way, we’re playing our part in the sustainable production of safe and healthy food.

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