Fuite Poultry

Our own feed production

Optimal feeding

The feed for our broilers is produced by companies in the Fuite Group, so we have a detailed idea of what the broilers eat. All raw materials are regularly analysed, to makes sure our chicks always receive the best nutrients in the right quantities.

Thriving chicks

Bio-active fat components, functional fibres and enzymes are used in all our feeds to ensure the best intestinal health. These elements result in thriving chicks with a healthy weight, which go on to produce tender cuts of chicken.

Gebrs. Fuite feed programmes

Gebrs. Fuite offers an extensive range of poultry feed programmes to its customers, so there’s always a suitable programme for all specific wishes. The poultry specialists at Gebrs. Fuite are always ready to provide individual solutions in consultation with the business advisor.

As part of the Fuite Group, we have nearly all the expertise needed in-house, and our goal is to have the entire chain under our own management. In this way, we’re playing our part in the sustainable production of safe and healthy food.

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